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Retirement may feel like a long way away, but it’s important to start preparing now. With strategies like early investing and regular exercise, you’re sure to enjoy your older years. Read through this quick list of tips so you can manage your choices now and reap all of the benefits when you’re older.

Invest Early

The power of investing and compound interest is incredible. Instead of using a savings account that may barely keep up with inflation, your retirement account will help you grow money over time. This slow but steady growth gains strength over time, as you earn more and more money from what you initially deposited. If you want to figure out just how your savings will balloon as you get older, this compound interest calculator is a great place to start.

Get a Great Education

Your education is the key to a stable future of financial success. Choose your major wisely and focus on employability to secure your future retirement. The best benefits of a thriving career involve not only the salary but also the potential retirement accounts with company matching. Setting up your future to involve a quality, full-time job instead of several part-time jobs to make end’s meet is a surefire way to keep your retirement secure.

Plan Your Family

It pays to delay having kids until your career is established, if given the option. This is a tip that’s more relevant to women than men, but it still plays a big role in any family’s finances. Although it can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience to raise a family, the main caretaker will likely have a hard time focusing on a career for several years, if not a couple of decades. Additionally, it can be difficult to re-enter your industry after even a year or two away. These delays can seriously set back growth in one’s career, and even lead to drastically lower retirement savings. Your career is the key to a quality retirement, so planning to have kids after you’ve achieved a decent position in the ranks of your industry can be a rewarding and practical choice.

Be Healthy Now

Avoid expensive treatments down the road by taking care of health problems now. Not everyone has the luxury of a naturally healthy body, and plenty of people are faced with huge medical debts without given much of a choice. However, it’s still a good idea to focus on what you can improve while you’re young so you can avoid major health expenses when you’re retired. Prevent injury with regular stretching and get consistent cardio exercise so you don’t wind up with any of the many possible issues associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and more. A healthy diet and regular exercise are the keys to reducing retirement expenses and living pain-free in old age.