How Much Is Costco’s Gas Today


How Much Is Costco’s Gas Today?

Costco is renowned for its great deals and savings across a wide range of products, and this extends to their gas stations as well. The warehouse retailer operates its own gas stations, offering members and non-members competitive prices on fuel. But the burning question remains: How much is Costco’s gas today?

The cost of Costco’s gas can vary slightly from location to location, as prices are influenced by factors such as local competition and market conditions. However, on average, Costco’s gas prices tend to be significantly cheaper than those of other gas stations. According to recent reports, the average price of Costco’s gas is around $0.20 to $0.30 per gallon lower compared to the national average.


1. Is Costco gas available to non-members?
Yes, Costco gas stations are open to both members and non-members. However, members typically enjoy additional benefits and discounts on fuel prices.

2. Do I need to pay with a Costco credit card to get gas?
No, you can pay for gas at Costco using any major credit card or debit card.

3. Are there any restrictions on purchasing Costco gas?
Costco gas stations have certain guidelines that should be followed. For example, you must fill up your vehicle’s gas tank only and cannot use portable containers. Additionally, Costco gas stations may have specific hours of operation.

4. Can I use my Costco cashback rewards on gas?
Yes, if you have a Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi, you can earn cashback rewards on gas purchases at Costco.

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5. Is there a limit on how much gas I can purchase?
Costco does not impose a limit on the amount of gas you can purchase, but individual gas stations might have restrictions during times of high demand.

6. Are there any other benefits of purchasing gas at Costco?
Besides lower prices, Costco gas is known for its high-quality fuel. Moreover, many Costco gas stations offer convenient features like air pumps, water dispensers, and free tire pressure checks.

7. Can I find Costco gas prices online?
Yes, Costco’s official website provides a Gasoline Prices tool that allows you to search for the current gas prices at Costco locations near you.

In conclusion, Costco’s gas prices are consistently lower than the national average, providing significant savings for members and non-members alike. With their commitment to quality and additional perks, filling up at Costco’s gas stations is a smart choice for both your vehicle and your wallet.