How Much Is One Gallon of Gas in Mexico


How much is one gallon of gas in Mexico?

Gasoline prices in Mexico vary depending on the region and the type of fuel. As of October 2021, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline (Magna) in Mexico is around 20.50 Mexican pesos, which is equivalent to approximately $1.02 USD. The price for a gallon of premium gasoline (Premium) is slightly higher, at around 22.25 Mexican pesos or $1.11 USD. It’s important to note that these prices can fluctuate due to factors such as international oil prices, taxes, and government regulations.


1. Why are gas prices in Mexico lower compared to the United States?
Gas prices in Mexico are generally lower compared to the United States due to various factors, including lower taxes and subsidies provided by the Mexican government to keep fuel costs affordable for its citizens.

2. Are gas prices consistent throughout Mexico?
No, gas prices can vary from region to region in Mexico. Some areas may have higher prices due to transportation costs or local regulations.

3. Can I pay for gas using U.S. dollars?
While some gas stations near the border may accept U.S. dollars, it is recommended to have Mexican pesos as most gas stations in Mexico only accept the local currency.

4. Are there any restrictions on purchasing gas in Mexico?
There are no restrictions on purchasing gas in Mexico. However, certain regions may have limits on the amount of fuel that can be bought at a time to combat fuel theft.

5. Are there any alternative fuels available in Mexico?
Yes, Mexico has been gradually introducing alternative fuels such as natural gas and electric charging stations, particularly in major cities.

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6. Can tourists purchase gas in Mexico?
Yes, tourists can purchase gas in Mexico. However, it is advisable to carry enough cash or a credit card, as not all gas stations accept foreign cards.

7. Are gas stations readily available in Mexico?
Gas stations are readily available in Mexico, particularly along major highways and in urban areas. However, in more remote regions, it is advisable to ensure you have enough fuel before embarking on a long journey.

In summary, the average price for one gallon of gas in Mexico is around 20.50 Mexican pesos for regular gasoline and 22.25 Mexican pesos for premium gasoline. Prices can vary by region, and it is recommended to have Mexican pesos on hand when purchasing gas.