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If you’re strapped for cash and is living from paycheck to paycheck every month, there are sidelines that can help relieve the financial burdens of your day-to-day expenses. Here are four of the top sidelines that have garnered positive reviews from like-minded individuals who are interested in improving their financial situation.

Freelance Writer

If you enjoy writing blog posts or journalistic style articles, a freelance writer may just be the perfect fit for you. The workload and schedule are usually very flexible since you can choose how many articles or words per day or week you want to do. In addition, you can either focus on a niche you love writing about or go for a broader range of topics that only require surface-level information. Freelance writers can make anywhere between $8 to $20 per hour on their computer at home. This makes the job attractive for stay-at-home parents and college students alike.

Web Developer

Coding is becoming a prevalent skill set today as technology further embeds itself into humanity’s day-to-day life. Someone who can program mobile applications, websites, or security systems can make substantial amounts of money even if it’s simply a part-time job. Keep in mind, however, that the job market for web developers is also competitive and cutthroat. You’ll need tons of time to improve your portfolio, hone your technical skills, and market yourself to employers. Depending on what specific job position or project they get, developers can earn between $20 to $60 per hour.

Dog Walker

For people who love animals, especially canines, you can make some cash walking other people’s dog/s. The work is physically intense since you’ll be required to walk the dogs under all weather and temperature conditions. Regardless if there’s a snow storm, heat wave, or torrential downpour, you will need to take the dogs out even for a 5-minute relief walk. You can work for yourself or work for a dog walking company who already has the client volume for regular walks. A dog walker can make anywhere between $15 to $25 per hour, depending on agreed-upon rates and the number of dogs you have per walk.

Real Estate Broker

In just a few weeks time, you can get certified as a real estate agent and show people apartment rentals in your local neighborhood. To be an effective agent, however, one must have the social skills to converse with clientele and to close deals. Furthermore, many agents have expressed the importance of private transportation to get from point A to point B fast. Patience is also something you’ll need to have, character-wise, since you won’t always be able to close deals.

There are many ways to earn cash, but finding the one that suits your interest, skill set, and schedule can take some time and effort. While these options all sound good on paper, there are other key topics that must be addressed, such as paperwork and legal requirements, specifically taxes. You’ll want to make sure that you file the right income tax lest incur fees.