What Is a Fair Price to Charge to Refinish Furniture


What Is a Fair Price to Charge to Refinish Furniture?

Refinishing furniture is a popular way to breathe new life into old pieces and can be a lucrative business for those with the necessary skills. However, determining a fair price to charge for refinishing furniture can be challenging. Several factors come into play when determining the cost, including the size of the piece, the condition it is in, the type of finish desired, and the amount of prep work required.

The average cost to refinish furniture can range from $150 to $500 or more, depending on these factors. A smaller, simpler piece of furniture, such as a side table, may cost around $150 to refinish. However, larger, more intricate pieces, like dining tables or dressers, may require more time and effort, and therefore, cost more.

To help you better understand the pricing structure for furniture refinishing, here are some frequently asked questions:

1. What does the price include?
The price typically includes labor, materials, and any necessary repairs.

2. How long does it take to refinish furniture?
The time required varies based on the size and complexity of the piece. It can take anywhere from a few hours to several days.

3. Can I choose any finish I want?
Yes, you can choose from a variety of finishes, including paint, stain, or varnish.

4. Do I need to strip the old finish before refinishing?
In most cases, the old finish needs to be stripped before refinishing to ensure a smooth and even result.

5. Can you fix damaged or broken furniture?
Yes, furniture refinishing often involves repairing any damages, such as loose joints or broken parts.

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6. Can you match the original finish?
It is possible to match the original finish, but it may require additional time and effort.

7. Is refinishing furniture a cost-effective option?
Refinishing furniture is often more cost-effective than buying new furniture, especially if the piece has sentimental value or is of high quality.

In conclusion, determining a fair price to charge for refinishing furniture depends on various factors, including the size, condition, desired finish, and the amount of prep work required. It is essential to consider these factors when providing a quote to ensure a fair price for both the customer and the refinisher.