Where to Put Oil Change Sticker


Where to Put Oil Change Sticker

When getting an oil change for your vehicle, it is common for service providers to place a sticker on your windshield to remind you of your next oil change. But where exactly should this sticker be placed? Here are some guidelines to help you properly position your oil change sticker:

1. Windshield Placement: The most common and recommended location for the oil change sticker is at the bottom left or right corner of the windshield, close to the driver’s side. This ensures that it is clearly visible without obstructing your view of the road.

2. Avoid the Driver’s Line of Sight: It is essential to place the sticker in a location that does not interfere with the driver’s line of sight. Placing it too high or in the middle of the windshield may obstruct the view and compromise safety.

3. Clean and Dry Surface: Before applying the sticker, make sure the windshield is clean and dry. Any dirt or moisture can affect its adherence and cause it to peel off prematurely.

4. Stickiness and Durability: Look for stickers that are specifically designed for outdoor use. These are usually more durable and can withstand exposure to sunlight and various weather conditions.

5. Interior Placement: If your vehicle has tinted windows or if you prefer not to place the sticker on the windshield, you can opt for the inside placement. Stick the sticker on the inside of your driver’s side window, ideally at the bottom corner.

6. Other Locations: In some cases, you may have a small window near the rearview mirror or a designated area on your dashboard where you can place the sticker. Check your vehicle’s manual or consult with your service provider for any recommended alternative locations.

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7. Removing Old Stickers: If you already have an old oil change sticker on your windshield, make sure to remove it before applying a new one. Use a razor blade or a sticker removal solution to ensure a clean surface.


1. Can I place the oil change sticker on any window of my vehicle?
– While the windshield is the most common location, you can place it on any window, as long as it does not obstruct your view.

2. How long does the oil change sticker usually last?
– Oil change stickers are designed to last for several months, but their durability can vary depending on the quality of the sticker and weather conditions.

3. Can I make my own oil change reminder sticker?
– Yes, you can make your own reminder sticker using waterproof materials, but ensure that it is clearly visible and durable.

4. What should I do if the sticker falls off?
– If the sticker falls off prematurely, you can contact your service provider for a replacement or simply make a note of your next oil change date elsewhere.

5. Can I use any type of adhesive to stick the oil change reminder?
– It is recommended to use the adhesive provided with the sticker or a double-sided tape specifically designed for outdoor use.

6. Can I remove the sticker after my oil change?
– It is not advisable to remove the sticker immediately after an oil change, as it serves as a reminder for your next one.

7. Can I reuse an old oil change sticker?
– Reusing an old oil change sticker is not recommended, as it may not adhere properly or display incorrect information.

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In conclusion, placing your oil change sticker in a visible and non-obstructive location on your windshield or any other window is crucial for keeping track of your vehicle’s maintenance. Follow the guidelines mentioned above to ensure that you never miss a scheduled oil change.